Rental/Criteria Policies

Each rental house MIGHT have it’s own criteria.  In the event that specific criteria is not listed, the owner has elected to follow our company guidelines for rental house criteria and move in policies.

EVERY adult (everyone 18 years of age and older) must apply and be screened and must sign the rental contract.  All applications must be received before a rental decision can be made.

In order to pass the screening you must:
#1 Have no criminal history that would be of concern to your neighbors.
#2 Have great rental history or mortgage history.  No history of noise complaints or late payments.
#3 Have a great credit score with no history of late payments or collections.   700 is generally required for a straight approval but we are more interested in seeing no collections or history of late payments.  Applications with poor credit may be allowed with an increased deposit or a co-signer.  Applicants with no credit may also be approved with an increased deposit.
#4 Have gross income of 3 times the rental amount.  Applicants with less income may also be approved with an increased deposit.




We rent on a first come first served basis to people who meet our rental criteria.  Please note that if you apply after another applicant, we will not run your credit and will return your application fee if the applicant(s) that applied before you are approved.

#1 ALL adults over 18 must have submitted a fully complete application
#2 You sign and return the holding reservation agreement
#3 You must pay a $3,000 holding fee.  This will be returned to you if your application is not approved.  Upon move in, this fee will be applied to your first month rent.  If you choice not to move in to the rental home that you are holding, this money will not be refunded.


Other important information to know before applying.   Please remember that each rental home might have it’s own criteria and rental policies.

$25 per application fee.  Every adult over 18 must be screened (please see criteria above before applying).

$400 move in  NON – REFUNDABLE ADMIN FEE and deposit equal to 2x the square footage of the home.  We do not ask for last month rent to be paid in advance.

Renter must have renters insurance and provide proof of such.  If you do not have renters insurance you agree to pay $9.50 for a liability only policy, offered through Appfolio.

Renter will pay all utilities and all yard care unless otherwise noted.